President’s Letter

Summer greetings to all of you! Hope you’ve managed to enjoy the energy and sunshine that summer brings. Your officers and Board members have been busy reinstating our Not For Profit (NFP) status and have discovered some steps that we need to take. For one and the topic of this letter to you all—redoing the Bylaws. What the heck are those? They are the legal rules mandated (by law) to the organization and they must be in line with requirements of the State of Illinois and the Federal Government. New formats and requirements have been added that we as an organization must address. As a result, our small work group has been VERY busy! Jim Bateman is our expert leader working along side Kandi Curtis, Laurie Moore and the 2 of us. Jim is a fountain of experience, knowledge and connections to federal NFP experts and he has been most helpful in pointing the way.

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