Sharon Somers

Sharon Somers

Sharon M. Somers is an artist and a published author. Originally from Eureka IL, Sharon now resides in Hopewell.

Sharon first studied watercolor with the late JoAnn Bell of Washington in the 1970’s. She earned her associates degree from I.C.C. in 1982, specializing in watercolor illustration. She was an award-winning art director for major companies in Peoria until 1996 when she became disabled.

Artist Statement: My art, as my very life, has been overcoming obstacles and solving problems creatively.

Art lessons between babies in the 1970’s ultimately, and almost supernaturally, led to a successful career in graphic design which saved my young family.

Losing that career in the 1990’s to illness and disability led to an eventual return to fine art as therapy for my mind, body and soul, which I feel saved my life, again.

Using simple materials: papers, watercolor, and natural fibers – I try to convey the beauty, life and light that I see in all of God’s creation. When I’m painting, I’m transported into a world without problems or pain. In sharing my paintings, I am sharing my hope.

Sharon can be reached by email at