Presidents’ Letter


What inspires you?

We all, as artists, look for inspiration. We might have our favorite books, our favor-ite teachers, a video we enjoy, or we may look to nature. But I was reminded this past week that it is people who inspire me the most. I take inspiration from what my fellow artists are creating, the tools they are using, and their methods. I take in-spiration from, and find it astounding, hearing that some artists paint daily. I feed off of that enthusiasm. And, being a bit of a recluse (due to location and circum-stances of life), it is not always easy for me to be with people.

And that is where we are so very lucky to be a part of the Illinois Art League. We have monthly groups meeting in different mediums, sharing their work, sharing their enthusiasm. I encourage you, no matter what your level of expertise; get en-gaged with a group or two or three! Colored Pencil, Acrylic, Water media, Plein Air; we have it all! And if we don’t have a specific group that interests you, by all means, start one!

I was also reminded this past week, with the passing of Greg DePaw of Metamora, that if a paraplegic can somehow make art, (beautiful, astounding art, at that!) what in the world is holding me back?!

Sharon Somers, President