Summer has finally arrived! Hope it is going well with you all. Thank you to the many members who responded to our call for help with volunteering and moving into the future! We received many special communications, realizing when we started out that some people cannot volunteer at this point in their life journey. But we do feel that there are members who can help and will if it fits. Also, that members won’t know the issues unless we as your leaders bring them forward. That all said, we have had 26 new people step forward to help and 12 current people who are staying on! So, for the help we identified, we are in a much better situation. Also, there are various people that continue to volunteer their time and help with functions, such as providing food and drinks, that we are not counting for current challenges, even though these contributions are so very important!

We are so uplifted by the many supportive comments from those members who place a high value on the IAL. Our organization means a lot and we all have a lot of pride & ownership in it! Knowing this has bolstered our commitment as your co-presidents to do our very best to provide support for and help direct our organization’s future. The Board and Officers still need to determine what steps we are going to take with the organization. We will communicate that to the Membership ASAP. Thanks to all for your understanding and help as we continue to maneuver through our challenges.

Barbie and Judy