Greetings! Barbie and I have been in office for eight months now and the incredible nature of our IAL membership and organization has been an outstanding experience for both of us. One of the areas where we have been so pleased has been in the number and quality of people who have volunteered. We want to inform you all of the positions that have been taken for 2020 by volunteers that we know of at this point. Below you’ll see who is going to fill and/or continue with officer and board positions for 2020. In next month’s newsletter we’re going to talk about those people who have volunteered for our other activities.

Officers for 2020:

  • Co-presidents Barbie Perry and Judy Ritchie
  • Treasurer Kirk Perry
  • Secretary Marjorie Schwebel

Board members for 2020:

  • Sherri Burritt — design support
  • Cris Potthoff — newsletter and Peoria Heights Public Library exhibit
  • Brandon Wickwire — Slack expert and webmaster
  • Lynne Rettke — corresponding secretary
  • Kandi Curtis — volunteer chairperson
  • Linda Cherry — membership chairperson
  • Dawn Maloney – marketing and member show support
  • Nigel Smith — strategic planning
  • Florence Gaffney — marketing support
  • Barb Whittenburg – member at large

Please join us in acknowledging all these folks, as well as all our volunteers for
their involvement in the IAL’s success.

Barbie and Judy