Happy November All!

It’s the beginning of the holiday festivals! Activities for 2019 ART SHOWS are also winding down, and we have had a great IAL year. Last month we posted all the volunteers we knew about, and since then several more people have come to our attention. For Marketing a big heartfelt “Thanks” to Dawn Maloney for chairing, and to members Jane Coultas, Miriam Olson, Sherri Burritt, and Florence Gaffney. Please let us know about further people we may have missed!

We would also like to promote our website to you practicing artist members out there…Use of the website to post your art and information about yourself is available for those who desire and for free. We currently have 25 artists displaying their works. Doing so is one of the methods available through the IAL to promote yourself and your business…or for other uses such as posting your work to show how much fun you are having. If you haven’t done so lately, take a look at the website and see if viewing your works there might appeal to you. One of our Board members and expert Brandon Wickwire is our web master. As such, he is available to help you upload your works and information to the site. If you haven’t done so before, it’s also a great learning opportunity that might help you to post on other sites. Our IAL website, FaceBook and Instagram pages, as well as the many other IAL functions available to our members, can be valuable tools for you. We hope that you will view these services as a Call to Action to make your desired changes for the new decade that is almost upon us!

Barbie Perry and Judy Ritchie