Barb Shreffler

I started painting in 1972, as a tole painting teacher for the Sherwin Williams Co. I studied oil painting for several years, with Maryann Jaggard. I learned China painting over a five year period from Dorothy Sharp an international China painter. Spent several years designing theatre sets and painting 20 ft backdrops for Fulton County Playhouse and Elmwood High School drama department. I spent several years designing and painting murals in bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms and playrooms.

Became the manager of Frames Plus in 2000, which gave me a huge education in art in Peoria. In 2012, I retired and began taking local lessons and trying to figure out “what’s next”. Mixed media with digital photography has become my “happy place”. The Peninsula Art Institute in Door County is now my favorite place to take a class and learn something new!